• The Greatest Ever Heavy Metal Albums – Part 1

    All best of lists are entirely subjective to the listener, no two people have exactly the same taste in music. Even the two most ardent of fans of a particular heavy metal band will argue over their favorite song.

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  • Great Heavy Metal Guitarists of All Time – Part 2

    Fast guitar solos and rhythmic riffs are at the very core of heavy metal music and every great band has their own gunslinger to take on the world. We start this blog with a guitarist that was famous for his incredibly fast solo playing.

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  • Great Heavy Metal Guitarists of All Time – Part 1

    There has never been a heavy metal band worth its salt that did not have a demon axe man leading the band, some are very well known for brash and aggressive style of playing that suits the genre so well, but others are more like technicians who are incredibly talented musicians.

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  • The Different Genres of Heavy Metal – Part 3

    The third and the final part of our blog to understand the different types of Heavy Metal that exist begins with Sludge Metal and includes Alternative Metal and Avant-Garde Metal.

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Heavy Metal as a music genre has spawned many offshoots due to its massive worldwide popularity.

But who are the most famous and successful Heavy Metal bands that have ever been? Read more