All About The Avant-Garde Heavy Metal Genre

All About The Avant-Garde Heavy Metal Genre
All About The Avant-Garde Heavy Metal Genre

Do you wonder what you would get when you mix heavy metal with elements of avant-garde concepts? You get a grand spectacle and a bizarre amalgamation. You’d be mixing up parts from separate differing music genres in ways that radiate with postmodernism. Metal with avant-garde elements shines in a way where you’ll notice that it goes full throttle all the time. Being weird isn’t something to be ashamed about after all since most of the time, it’s you acting and behaving how you usually do.

What is Heavy Metal Anyway?

Heavy metal arrived in the music scene relatively late to other genres. It took a while for avant-garde metal to become known. The genre’s name was tied to the people that diverged from regular song structures, and they didn’t follow convention. A few of the genre’s leading artists, such as Mr Bungle and Celtic Frost, didn’t gain much renown until the last few years of the 1980s. When that decade ended, numerous people started making avant-garde heavy metal music.

What is an Example of Avant-Garde Heavy Metal?

The singer known as Mike Patton was the leader of Mr Bungle. He was the one who led the band to their resounding fame. But he suddenly became the frontman of the weird alt-metal band Faith No More, and he helped with writing the songs as well. In 1997, the band broke up, which lead to Patton returning to extreme experiments with music. At this point, he was known for working with the metal supergroup Fantômas. The supergroup’s members included King Buzzo, Dave Lombardo, Trevor Dunn, and Mike Patton himself. Their roles were guitarist, drummer, bassist, and vocalist, respectively. Their songs were defined by how it was conceptually charged in its nature. Each album was focused on a particular idea.

In 2001, the band put out an album called The Director’s Cut. In the album, the members of the group took popular movie theme songs and reinterpreted them. They got the theme song of The Godfather and turned it into a crazy thrash metal kind of deal that was filled with screams and shouts. The vocal range of Patton was the highlight of the whole thing. It could go high and low from rumbling crooning to scary shrieks. He could shift his gears to tune himself with the band. Each of them loved the material of the band. They made sure to give each of the theme songs an amazingly experimental reinterpretation in an arrangement that will surprise you a lot.

Metal music is relatively younger than to other music genres. It is a genre that’s still growing to this day. The sub-genres of metal have shown that avant-garde is something that needs to be reevaluated and a change in categorization. There are a few bands that don’t follow any of these things. Avant-garde metal is usually called wacky, but avant-garde isn’t only metal with weird turns and silly theatrics. You may not believe it, but sometimes all you need to get something fantastic is to have heavy and weird collide with each other.