Famous Heavy Metal Bands – Part 2

Continuing our foray into the world of Heavy Metal, we seek out even more bands that can be classed as some of the best Heavy Metal bands of all time. In part one of our blog Black Sabbath and Judas Priest held the candle for the originators of Heavy Metal as a musical format. And now we continue with our musical exploration with a more Thrash Metal orientated band, Slayer.


Another American band to reach our Heavy Metal list, they are seriously considered to be one of the finest ever Thrash Metal bands ever, along with Anthrax, Magadeth and Metillica. Perhaps not the most gifted musicians in the world but they certainly knew how to write and perform. Slayer are probably most famous for their lyrics and themes which are highly controversial, topics such as nazism, genocide, war, terrorism and necrophilia to name but a few. Bizarrely their front man, Tom Araya is a devout Catholic who has never condoned violence at any level.


This USA band was formed in 1981 by Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul. Starting out as basically as Glam Rock band, Pantera struggled in their formative years to find a fan base. It was not until they signed for Warner Brothers and sacked their lead singer did the band finally start to have success. Warner Brothers advised the band to move away from Glam Rock and concentrate more on their Thrash Metal side. Possibly their first most successful album was Cowboys from Hell, which was released in 1990 closely matched by the follow up album, Vulgar Display of Power. The band broke up in 2003, and a year later their former guitarist was murdered on stage.


No list of the best Heavy Metal bands in the world would be complete without Motorhead, they are almost the archetypal Heavy Metal band of all time. Formed in 1975 by Ian Fraser, better known as Lemmy, he was their only consistent member as the band changed lineups over the years. The characteristic harsh vocals and high tempo sound defined Motorhead and without them perhaps Thrash Metal would never have been dreamed of. The band had a prolific recording career producing an amazing twenty-two albums, and not a bad one among them.

Avenged Sevenfold

The American band Avenged Sevenfold formed in 1999, and although not instantly a success this Californian outfit grew a loyal and fanatical fan base. The amazing singing of M Shadows was one of the most attractive factors to their success, as he was as good live as on a recording. The band opened their recording career with the album Sounding the Seventh Trumpet which was basically metalcore. Although with different lineups the band mutated into a sort of Alternative Metal which can be seen on their album City of Evil.

The band went on to record ten albums in total and their most famous songs are, A Little Piece of Heaven, Afterlife, and Nightmare. Avenged Sevenfold are the last band of our list of famous Heavy Metal bands list, obviously we could not name every great band that played Heavy Metal but there is no doubt of the caliber of the bands we have included.