The Best Heavy Metal Singers of All Time – Part 2

The second part of our blog to see who are the greatest ever heavy metal singers of all time features even more legendary rockers that brought heavy metal into main stream focus. Names such as Axl Rose, Corey Taylor and perhaps controversially Alice Cooper.

Alice Cooper

Alice Copper’s music is definitely hard to pigeon hole as he crosses over many music genres. Cooper has never been shy of notoriety and when he first started performing he was branded a threat to society. His stage antics included beheadings, snakes, zombies and all manner of stunning visual effects.

But Alice Cooper also wrote and sung some great music, he is adept at singing pop-rock to heavy metal and cannot be ignored from this list of all time best heavy metal singers. His range is quite incredible from low growls to falsetto, and he delivers it all in a style that many heavy metal bands have continued to copy.

Axl Rose

Guns N’ Roses would never have reached the heights that they did without their talisman Axl Rose. Rose is one of the original wild men of rock and when the band performed live, he was unpredictable. Most bands would never put up with such shenanigans but Guns N’ Roses needed Axl Rose.

His vocal range was extensive and he was never someone to shy away from controversial lyrics, when playing live the band lived on the edge as they never quite knew just what their frontman was going to do. Rose will probably go down as an enigma, and certainly heavy metal has never seen the like again. 

Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor made his name singing for Stone Sour and Slipnot, he joined up with Slipnot replacing their original vocalist in 1997. His first two albums with the band went platinum and he stayed to record three more studio albums with the band.

The New Musical Express had a readers poll that voted Taylor as the 7th greatest heavy metal frontman of all time. In 2002 he revived Stone Sour and produced a massive tour and album. His strong vocals made him a firm favorite with a string of bands such as Anthrax, Soulfly, Code Orange, Distrurbed and Apocalyptica.

Brian Johnson

The success of Brian Johnson is quite remarkable as he followed in the considerable footsteps of one of the most loved singers in heavy metal. When Bon Scott tragically passed away, super heavy metal band AC/DC were left with a massive void to fill, it seemed impossible that anybody else could front the band.

But Brian Johnson stepped up to the plate and the rest is history. The subsequent album release of one of the most highly rated heavy metal albums of all time, Back in Black announced a new era for AC/DC. The diminutive Johnson has a style all of his own, and his high-pitched scream brings some songs to another level.

Brian Johnson ends our trip to find the best heavy metal singer of all time, and although our list is not in any particular order it is fitting that we have concluded with AC/DC’s frontman. The lead singer of any heavy metal band is a talisman and certainly Johnson fits the bill.