The Different Genres of Heavy Metal – Part 2

Part two of our blog delving into the different forms of Heavy Metal looks into even more sub-genres of this highly popular musical form. In part one we looked at Thrash and Glam Metal, among others, and in this part we start off with the darker forms of Heavy Metal, namely Black and Death Metal.

Black Metal

Perhaps to fully understand what Black Metal is all about, the artists that play it might give us a few clues. Well known Black Metal bands include Hellhammer, Celtic Frost and Venom. Black Metal’s first concern is extreme noise and instruments and vocals are all heavily distorted. This genre definitely gets bad press for its intrinsic dislike of religion and its iconoclastic ideologies. However, Black Metal is further divided into two separate categories which are pre-1990’s and later. The first form is a rather more extreme version of Thrash Metal, but in the later 90’s it was German bands that took Black Metal to its extremes. These bands are headed up by Immortal, Darkthrone and Emperor.

Death Metal

Death Metal is a branch of pre-90’s Black Metal with even more distorted vocals and really pounding drums. The vocals tend to be more animal grunts and growls than shrieks and it has become a really popular sub-genre of Heavy Metal. Bands that play this form of music include Nocturnes, Gorefest, Sacramentum and Archenemy.

Industrial Metal

Sounding a little like a factory or something, Industrial Metal is a mix of metal and Industrial Rock. It features guitars heavily and the sound is quite distorted. What really differentiates this music is the synth addition which makes the overall sound quite artificial. Artists playing Industrial Metal are Marilyn Manson, KMFDM, Nine Inch Nails and Rammstein.

Christian Metal

Christian Metal is really the antithesis of Black Metal and is sometimes called White Metal. As you can probably imagine, the lyrics of Christian Metal are all Christian themed. Really, the band playing Christian Metal can vary in its musical format but as long as the lyrics are religion related, it is placed under this genre. Examples Christian bands are Underoath, Demon Hunter, Jerusalem and the Resurrection Band.

Stoner Metal

Possibly the most psychedelic form of Heavy Metal, Stoner Metal is at a far slower tempo than most Heavy Metal and has more influence from the Blues than anything else. As the title suggests, Stoner Bands often live up to the image of drugs and marijuana cultures and artists that play this form of music are Electric Wizard, Mastodon and Queens of the Stone Age.

Doom Metal

Doom Metal is one of the oldest sub-genres of Heavy Metal and gets its inspiration from early Black Sabbath. It focuses heavily on lyrics as well as music and is played at a slower pace than most Heavy Metal. The idea is for the band to create an atmosphere of progressing dread and ultimate doom that will eventually prevail. Modern bands in this genre are Pentagram, Count Raven and Pagan Altar. In our concluding part on the different genres of Heavy Metal we will focus on Sludge Metal and Gothic Metal.