The Greatest Female Fronted Heavy Metal Bands – Part 2

The concluding part of our blog to highlight the talents of women in heavy metal music continues with even more women who have rocked the world. No longer the domain of just men, heavy metal has embraced the ladies as their talent has shone through and they have proved that that can play and sing with the very best.

Cherie Currie

It has long been thought that it was only fairly recently that women started to make their mark in heavy metal music. But this is quite wrong, since the very earliest time of rock and heavy metal women have been involved. And as far back as 1976, Cherie Currie was busy making music with her band the Runaways.

A magazine of the time called Bomp, after seeing one of the Runaways live gigs, proclaimed that Cherie Currie was a lost daughter of Brigitte Bardot and Iggy Pop! The Runaways had an all-star female lineup of, Joan Jett, Lita Ford and Jackie Fox.

But it was the edge of Cherie Currie’s singing that made the band stand out as a proper heavy metal / punk outfit. On stage Cherie was accustomed to wearing lingerie to add glam, but this did not distract one iota that the band were serious rockers. 

Doro Pesch

With a name such as Warlock, you would expect a certain type of heavy metal music and you would not be disappointed. This German heavy metal band had one of the very best Teutonic talismans in the business, namely Doro Pesch, her stage presence was very much like a war goddess.

The debut album from the band, Burning the Witches turned the band into a global phenomenon, with an especially strong following in Europe. After the huge success of Warlock, Doro Pesch decided to go solo and collaborated with Gene Simmons on some projects. Doro remains a superstar in her native Germany.

Jinx Dawson

Coven were the very first blatantly satanic band to ever be given a record deal by a major label and Jinx Dawson was their front lady. The band‘s first album, Witchcraft Destroy Minds and Reaps Souls had a sleeve that Jinx Dawson appeared naked on an altar, in 1969 this caused quite a stir.

The music was not as demonic as people were expecting, but it definitely paved the way for other occult bands to come to the fore. On side two of the album there is a thirteen minute track which is a recording of a real black magic rite taking place.

Kim McCauliffe

Out of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal was born Girlschool, and they were one of the very first all-female heavy metal bands that featured boot-stomping leather, and music that was a fusion of heavy metal and punk played with an aggressive attitude.

Kim McCauliffe was lead singer and guitarist with the band and her stage presence was legendary as she brought a fury and intensity to her performances. Kim helped the band to achieve superstar status in the UK as well as a global name in heavy metal. These great ladies of rock brought female heavy metal bands into the very forefront of rock music and left a legacy that is continuing today.