The Japanese Infusion with Heavy Metal – Kawaii Metal

In Japan, there was a new kind of metal that was born, which is called Kawaii metal. This type of metal came into light around nine years ago. It has shown us that even cute Japanese girls can blend well with metal. It is something that was never thought of before in the metal scene. The uniqueness of it is what’s gathering lovers of different genres of music together to dance and party.

Kawaii Metal
Heavy Metal – Kawaii Metal

What Is Kawaii Metal Really?

If you want a basic definition of what is composed of Kawaii metal, then it is a mixture of power metal, thrash metal, and Japanese pop. Kawaii metal gets a happy-sounding melody accompanied with soft, high-pitched, but clean vocals thanks to the aesthetic of power metal it has. There are low-pitched vocals and growling screams along with sophisticated and aggressive instrumentals that are what the trash metal part is in Kawaii metal. These two sub-genres both mix up intricate guitar riffs and double bass drumming, which makes up a crucial component of Kawaii metal. The final and most essential element of Kawaii metal is the Japanese pop component, which brings a unique and energetic melody as well as deep and soft vocals. The female voices are brought into the metal scene thanks to this sub-genre, which differs significantly from how dominated the scene is by male voices.

Why Are the Lyrics of Kawaii Metal Like That?

The lyrics in Kawaii metal music is different from the topics that are usually covered in regular metal music. Kawaii metal groups will prefer lyrics that are positive and empowering. They try to focus on love, pleasure, and social problems, instead of death, pain and killing people. The most vital part of Kawaii metal is the aesthetic of Japanese cuteness. When they’re performing, the singers in Kawaii metal groups will be wearing outfits that are cute and girly, like maid uniforms or school uniforms. What the groups wear is what helps them show off their on-stage characters, which is what gives each of the performances they do unique for each of the Kawaii metal groups.

Who Makes Kawaii Metal Anyway?

The most popular Kawaii metal group that you may have heard of before is BABYMETAL. Their members are four musicians and three singers. They are the ones people will usually think about when they think of Kawaii metal. The group was formed back in 2010. The lead singer, Su-metal, was only thirteen years old when it was created. The other two singers, Yuimetal and Moametal, were a mere eleven years old at the time.


 BABYMETAL’s look is based around goth and Lolita culture. They try their best to make their music unique. The concept of everything is based on a god that the members of the band made up themselves, which who they call the Fox God. It isn’t a spirit, or an animal, or even a human. The Fox God personally chose the singers of BABYMETAL because they didn’t know much about metal. The Fox God thought that they fit the criteria thanks to their not knowing much about it. They aren’t allowed to share what they have in store for the future due to demands by the Fox God.