Top Heavy Metal Bands Who Sing in Foreign Languages

Heavy metal is a genre of music that suits almost every country. Singers don’t even have to worry about language barriers when singing heavy metal music. Therefore, it is regarded as a pure international form of music. Several metal bands prefer to sing in English because of the commercial success that they can achieve by selling to the large English speaking audiences around the world. However, some cool bands can achieve both an enormous fanbase as well as a commercial success by singing in foreign languages. If you wish to venture into the world of heavy music by foreign bands who sing in their own native tongues, then here are some of the greatest bands to start with.

  1. Kvelertak – Norway

The term used to describe Kvelertak is ‘Black Party Roc.’ Their music and members hail from Stavanger in Norway. They are known to embrace the true identity behind the Nordic lifestyle and carry their roots with pride. Their music videos are gory (true metal fans would drool) and their costumes are progressive. The leader of the band sports an owl mask in his videos and on stage as well. Their craziness knows no bounds, especially when they are on stage too. When they were asked about their passions for singing in Norwegian, they firmly describe that the sounds of their native tongue feel more natural and better to them. The pure emotions of the songs are best observed in Norwegian. The best part is they don’t just have a massive fanbase in Norway but around the world too.

  • Dir En Grey – Japan

This Japanese led progressive metal band has offered a very unique style to the metal genre. They sing in Japanese, and their music is mind-blowing. They started performing together in 1997, and after 20 years, the band is still popular for their initial lineup of music. Over time, most bands lose their popularity because of the same music they deliver in English, leave alone a foreign language. However, the same cannot be said about Dir En Grey. In spite of being asked several times to release English versions of their songs the band refuses. They consider their work to be artistic and that it would lose its value away from its Japanese core.

  • Rammstein – Germany

Metal lovers know about this band irrespective of their age. This band is well-known for their fabulous pyrokinetic shows and craziness in their performances. There is no limit to what you can expect to encounter at a Rammstein show. Every show has gore, vulgarity or even controversy attached to it. A Rammstein concert is probably on the bucket list of every true metalhead too. The band doesn’t limit their music to German, but they do sing in English as well. However, their biggest popularity did not come from singing in English but in their own language. The gothic and unique music that this band has brought to the world is proof that there is massive value outside of the English language.